Can you get a title on a vechicle when insurance has paid off .?

Can you get a title on a vechicle when insurance has paid off .?I assume you are talking about a vehicle that was totaled.

Depending on your state’s laws, you may be able to get something like a salvage title or similar. Basically it is a title that permits you to register the vehicle but you cannot pass it off to a buyer as a clean title vehicle. This can be fine for a project car or a individual vehicle but will decrease its value for resale.

What happens if a used car seller has paid off their loan but not received the title yet?

Keep bothering them. If you haven’t received the title after about 90 days, then something has to be wrong.

If you have paid off the loan and got the lien release from the bank how do you get the cosigner off of the title?

Go to the county treasurer’s office (or whatever authority issues titles in your state) and apply for a fresh title. I was astonished to learn that in Kansas any person named on the title could have other names eliminated, but no one can be added to it without their signature.

What do you do if a cosigner turns down to sign the title over after you have paid off the loan?

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Contact a local attorney..
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Cosigning does not give him any rights to the title, but if he is listed on the title as a CO-OWNER, then who made the payments has no bearing on his right of possession. He has no legal obligation to give up his share in the vehicle unless you have some other document in which he has agreed to relinquish ownership in exchange for something of value.

Why is there a ten business day wait for the title to be sent after the loan is paid off on a vehicle?

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Most titles are warehoused at a clearing house type business, not at the financial institution the loan is through. Before mailing your title this business verifies there are no other leins on the title ( co.,etc.)

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How is life insurance paid off in the case of a death and is it taxable?

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Life insurance proceeds are not taxable when they are paid out as a death benefit. Depending on the amount of the insurance policy the payout options should be either lump sum, annuitized, motionless monthly payments for a period of time, or left with the insurance company in an interest bearing account with check writing privileges.

Can your car be repossessed when you have paid off the loan but have not received the title?

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Most states have a law that requires that the title be sent within Trio, Ten or 30 days of final payment being made. The law usually doesn’t have much in the way of teeth, so you may need to remind the lending institution that the loan has been paid and that you want the title. After you have requested the title the lending institution may be in default and you may have recourse, depending again on your state and the laws that regulate title loans.

If your car was repossessed and you paid the loan off do you get the title?

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If your car was paid off, then why was it repoed? Or if you mean you paid it off after it was repoed, then if the loan company accepted your money,then they have to give you the car and title back. I would call them and get it back or your money back.

How do I get a fresh title on a car that has a previous lien paid off?

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You don’t need a fresh title. You just need a Lien Release. Contact the lender and ask for a lien release, and keep it with the title.

Who is real estate title insurance paid to?

There are two general types of policies, or combinations: lender’s insurance (which pays the lender to cover its loss in security interest) and possessor’s insurance (which pays the possessor in case of defective title).

How do I obtain a Clear title after mortgage is paid off?

Often you or the mortgage company file a certificate of release, referencing the original record of the mortgage. There are other complications if there was a deed of trust or other partial conveyance.

How do you take your ex spouse off title insurance?

An Holder’s Policy only covers the actual proprietor of the property. When the property is awarded to a party in divorce proceedings, that person remains “in title” (still on the deed) and the original Proprietor’s Policy is still in effect covering that person since they were on the original deed as well when the property was obtained. The non-titled (person who was not awarded a continuing interest in the property by the divorce decree) automatically falls off the title policy since their interest is transferred off by the divorce proceedings and they no longer own the property. If you are looking to take the ex-spouse off an existingdeedas the result of divorce proceedings, contact your real estate attorney and s/he can prepare the decent deed vesting the interest solely into the awarded spouse with the decent legal language referencing the divorce decree.

Can the co-buyer have their name eliminated from the title once the loan is paid off?

Yes, the co buyer can have their name liquidated from the title. Youcan go to the title office and have it eliminated.

Can you get a title on a vechicle when insurance has paid off .?

What if your father is deceased and the car is paid for how does your mother get his name off of the title?

If the registration contained the word “OR” inbetween the two names, there will be no problem. If it had the word “AND”, she will need to bring a copy of the Certificate of Death to the motor vehicle office.

Cosign for a car loan which gets paid off the title goes to?

The cosignatory of a promissory note agrees to pay if the person signing the note defaults..
If he doesn’t default, but completes payments then he also gets the title.

If you have gap insurance will the left over amount owed on a care in repossession be paid off?

Gap insurance is for in case of an accident your car is totaled.Gap takes care of the difference inbetween blue book and the balance of your loan, so you end up even and not paying a loan payment on something you no longer have.

You are selling a motorcycle and need to put a lien on the title until it is paid off How do you go about this?

When you sell it, you have to pack out info on the title. There should be a place on the title if you want to include a lien – check and see. Then, take the title to the division of motor vehicles.

How do I get out of a no insurance ticket while driving someone else’s vechicle?

You can’t. You were caught operating a motor vehicle which had no insurance. It is the drivers foot responsibility to determine that any car he/she drives is decently insured before getting behind the wheel and driving away – no matter who wields the vehicle. You could counter sue the vehicle’s possessor in petite claims court, tho’.

How do I get a title in my name if I was assured that the vehicle had a clear title but after I paid it off the title was not in the person’s name that sold it to me but was signed by the proprietor?

You shouldn’t have a problem with getting a title. Just put your information in as the buyer and sign the title. The person you bought it from never titled it and determined to sell it before he did. If its dated, you may have to pay a fine for not registering it in the 45 days given (or whatever time your state permits). Now, if the person you bought it from packed their information in, then he would have to title it before he can sell it to you.

How do you add a name to the title of a car not paid off yet – in the state of Arkansas?

You cannot add a name to a title that is not paid off yet withoutrenegotiating the contract. You can transfer a title after it ispaid off.

If a mobile home is paid off when is title released?

It depends on the financial institution. Normally inbetween 20-30 days from receipt of the payoff amount.

If a mortgage is paid off is home owners insurance required?

Generally no. Homeowners insurance may be required by any creditor for whom your home has been put up as collateral on a debt. If there are no liens on your home there is no one requiring you insure it..
That said, it is very risky, financially, to fail to permit a home to be uninsured for even a day, unless the holder is so wealthy that the accomplish loss of that asset is inconsequential. A home policy can be bought relatively inexpensively if the homeowner will accept a large part of the risk by agreeing to a large deductible.

How do you get a title to a car that was paid off?

my daughter purchased a car and had a hard time getting the title for it until she discovered that running crimson lights at a crimson light camera got tickets sent to the possessor listed on the title. After waiting a year for the seller to give her the title( he also would not comeback her calls), it only took Three tickets and he was at her door, title in forearm.

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What can you do if you purchased a vehicle and paid it off the bank who financed you closed and you never received your title?

Go to clerk of courts title office ,they put the liens on titles ,take proof of payoff and they should be able to direct you.

What happens if you are driving an insured vechicle but personally have no insurance?

you could get fined up to 200 to 300 pounds for not having the insured vehicle in your name or maybe it even can get impounded.

How do you get your motorcycle title after you paid it off?

The lienholder will sign off on the title and send it to you when they receive your last payment.

Can you get a title on a vechicle when insurance has paid off .?

Can you take your husbands name off the title to your house that is paid for And has his consent?

You cannot “take a name off the title”. Your hubby would need to execute a deed to convey his interest to you. You should consult with an attorney who can explain the consequences of making such a transfer. If you determine to proceed the attorney can draft a decent deed.

How do you get a clear title when loan is paid off?

Usually, when you make your last payment, the financing company will send you a document indicating the loan is paid in total and that the lien on the title may be discharged. You take your title documents to the motor vehicle office along with the discharge papers to prove that the ownership papers may now be issued without the notification that there is a lien on the car. The motor vehicle office issues a “clean” certificate of title. You now have clear title.

If you had life Insurance on a loan and it was paid off is the life insurance still in effect?

May need more info. But, if the proprietor took a loan from a cash value policy, then paid the loan back without the policy lapsing, then policy would still be in affect provided that any premiums due were paid and the policy has not lapsed. I would be blessed to help you figure this out if you don’t have a current agent. Brian Lombardo, CPA, Agent

When a car loan is paid off how long does the loan co have to send you the title in California?

Check with your lender – I earnestly doubt that there is any codified law governing this question.

You paid your car loan off can you sell it while waiting on the title?

No, you cannot sell a car without a clear, lien free, title. Wait for the clear title or you are asking for problems.

How long does it take to get a car title after the car is paid off?

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How do you liquidate a lien on a title after it’s paid off?

The law hard that filed the lien can acknowledge payment in utter and give you a formal, legal document usually called something like Release of Lien. You must file this release document with your local county court system in order to clear the title to the property.

If your the co signer and you drive the vehicle does the person whos name who is actually on the title have to have car insurance on that same vechicle or can the co signer just have it. In Indiana?

Generally, the person whose name is ‘actually on the title’ must be the same person who insures the car. You must disclose to the insurance company if you are not the holder of the car. You should call the insurance company and ask your question.

How do you sell a car that is paid off but the title was co-signed by someone who is now deceased?

You must obtain a death certifcate and will displaying that it was left to you , if the co signer left their part to someone else you must have an afidavit of heirship signed over to you and this document must be notarized.

If a bank accidentally sends you the title but it isn’t paid off is it legally yours?

The same happened to me. If the loan wasn’t paid off you might have to negotiate with them but In California, if the loan is paid off, there is nothing they can do.

If my wifey paid off a vehicle but it is title in my name am i the legal holder or is she since she paid off the debt?

The plain response is if the title is in your name, you are the legal holder.  However, if there was a contract inbetween you and your wifey, she could be announced the legal proprietor in court upon displaying she fulfilled her contractual obligations by paying it in total.  

If you paid off the charged off auto loan can you get the title for the car?

Not necessarily. In this state certain legal work and a bill of sale must be packed out precisely and correctly. You must get legal proof you paid off the loan. Certain taxes must be paid. After you have hopped through all the required legal hoops, then you can get the title. Improvised tags exist to showcase you have met all requirements but are waiting for the title.

Can you get a title on a vechicle when insurance has paid off .?

Property Insurance Coverage for paid off property?

An Insurance Policy in an adequate Property Line can certainly suggest you security for your paid off property.

Can you insure a car that you are paying payments on until its paid for from a private possessor who holds the title?

I would insure any car that I was driving or making payments on. If you are on the title then you are an holder.

Can you borrow a car loan if the car is in your sisters name but you paid her off and for insurance purposes you leave the title in her name?

No you must transfer the title to your name. Contact your local DMV for more info.

How long does it take to get a car title after the car is paid off in NC?

That depends on the lean holder. You may need to get a letter stating the loan has been pleased and get a title from DMV yourself. If it was financed through Toyota Finance get the letter because you’ll never get the title.

Who should you contact in MO to get your vehicle title if you have paid off your car?

The best place to go is to the dealer you bought the car from. If this is not possible, check with your local tax office where you renew auto tag. They can help you get the title.

How can you sell your car but keep the title until the loan is paid off?

It’s called “Filing a Lien on the Vehicle”. Call your County Tax & Tag office. They can tell you how plain it is to do this, pay a fee, and have the title switched, where you are shown as the Very first “Lien Holder.” Moreover, you also retainthe title until the vehicle is paid-off, in total. All you need to do is write a final receipt, then sign the back of the title, releasing the vehicle to the fresh proprietor as “Lien Free.” Oh, make sure your “Agreement” with the Buyer,, mandates that he/she buy adequate, FULL-COVERAGE, auto insurance, and stipulate in your Agreement that the Buyer must supply with with a copy of the policy “Dec Sheet”, as well as keep full-coverage insurance coverage in force, until the vehicle is paid off. If not, then they are in Contractual disturbance, and you can repossess the car.

What is the law concerning car paid off by lender accidentally and you have a title free and clear?

Keep your mouth shut, maybe save the money for a period of time. If they dont audit and catch it, Your good but You uncommonly get a free car. ReactionYou eventually will need to make it right. Make certain that it is a mistake by checkingyour records and/or call their service desk with your account number.

What to do about car paid off by mistake by dealer and you have title?

What are you expecting us to say? That you can keep it? You know the right thing to do you greedy dishonest loser

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How can you can a tag without a title if you purchased a car but have not paid it off?

If you are bringing a vehicle into the state of CA that has a lien on it still and you need to get plates and registration to operate vehicle you will need to take the current registration card you have from the state where previously titled & registered into a CA DMV office and tell them you need to apply for a “Golden Rod Registration”. This means that you want to get registration only in CA because the vehicle is titled in another state with a lien holder on it. In addition to the out of state reg card you will need to: 1. Pack out a REG 343 Two. Have the vehicle smogged Three. Have DMV or a licensed vehicle verifier finish a “Verification of Vehicle Four. If the vehicle is a truck or commercial vehicle you will have to get a weight certificate from a certified wiegh master Five. Pack out a DMV statement of facts explaining you are requesting a “Golden Rod Registration” Vehicle Registration Wizards @ [email protected]

Does gap insurance still apply if your car is paid off?

It will depend on the type of gap insurance you have. Finance gap insurance would expire as there is no finance to cover but come back to invoice and vehicle replacement would still carry on until the end of the policy or a claim is made.

What should you do if your car is paid off and dealer hasn’t given the title?

Contact the dealer or finance company, whoever has the title, and ask them to send it to you. If they turn down, you may have to contact an attorney.

How do you find out if you purchased title insurance when you paid cash for property purchased in VA?

Look on your closing documents. They should itemize all the fees related to the transaction.

Can you borrow from a insurance policy that the premium is paid off?

Most cash value life insurance policies permit for loans by thepolicy possessor even if it is “paid off”. Whether the policy is paid off or not is less significant. What isimportant is the current cash capitulate value of the policy,available loan amount, interest rate on said loan, type of policyyou own, and your future plans to either pay back the loan or not. Where some folks run into issues is when they borrow from a policywithout the capability or thought to pay back the loan. Generally,when you borrow against your life insurance policy it will reduceyour cash capitulate value as well as the current death benefit. Youwill also begin to be charged an interest rate on your loan thatshould you not pay will accrue and further reduce your deathbenefit and cash values or at least slow down the growth of yourcash value and death benefits. If the loan isn’t substantial andyou have enough cash value in reserve this may not pose a long termissue. But, if overlooked for too long the cash value may be depletedrendering your life insurance obsolete due to a lapse forinsufficient value. And, to make matters worse may produce ataxable event to the policy holder. So, Can you borrow from a paid up life insurance policy? Generally, yes. But it obviously depends. You should be able torequest an “in-force illustration” from your life insuranceagent/carrier illustrating the influence of a loan based on if you payit back or not. This is a simplified response but generally yes youhave the option to borrow from a policy IF there is value to borrowagainst and IF that carrier will permit it. Is it wise to borrow isanother question.

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