Why is health insurance so expensive in the US?

Why is health insurance so expensive in the US?Actually for the care you get it is cheaper than other countries

If your auto is hit the other driver’s auto insurance pays all medical expenses and so does your health insurance must you reimburse your company?

You do not have to reimburse your insurance company if the accident is the fault of the other driver and the claim is made on their insurance. If the accident is the fault of the other driver and their insurance does not cover everything and you make a claim on your insurance for reimbursement, your insurance will subrogate (collect back) from the other company.

Have you heard of us benefit health insurance?

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They are not on the A.M. Best site, or four others I’ve checked, contact (or check the web page) your states dept. of insurance and see if they are listed there. All insurance companies must be licensed in the state they are doing business, many DOI sites, are very helpful including complaints by company etc.

Which health insurance companies insure foreigners in the US?

If you are referring to private insurance, then contact an agent, this of course assumes you are legal. Also if the company you are employed with offers group insurance then you should qualify there as well. If you are foreign visitor, seeking improvised health insurance during your stay abroad, you need Visitor Medical Insurance. Visitors Health Insurance is very recommended for international visitors and foreign travelers visiting countries like the US and Canada, which covers the visitors health outside his or her home country. There are many plans from many visitor insurance providers, you can visit and then review the various options.

Is Claim amount payable in a health insurance is equal to medical expenses less deductible?

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I don’t fairly understand your question. There might also be co payments, ie 80/20 and “negotiated” rates – discounts from the Medical Provider to the insurance company.

How much is health insurance in US?

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Health Insurance Premiums depend on your age, height/weight, health history, pre-existing conditions, and medications that you are taking. Some companies have more lenient underwriting practices than others..
Based on average information and assuming that you are generally pretty healthy, don’t smoke, and are within normal height and weight measurements, here are some of the average prices you could find:.
Typical Health Insurance Premiums .
Singles: Age 18-30 $60-$140 / moSingles: Age 31-45 $85-$220/ moCouples: Age 18-30 $115-$220/ moCouples: Age 31-45 $150-$350/ moFamilies:Age 45+ $225-$550/ mo .
These rates are based on averages. Your rate could be different depending on the underwriting practices of the insurance company. ***

Will your health insurance cover medical expenses if you are injured in a car accident?

As with anything regarding health insurance, it depends. Generally speaking, in an auto accident the question about medical benefits is secondary to providing the best care for the accident victim. After the emergency has passed is the time for figuring out who pays for the medical expenses. Often health insurance is asked to pay very first. However, health insurance companies have a program called “subrogation” that seeks to ensure that the responsible party pays for their share of expenses. In the case of a car accident, typically the auto insurance will be primary and should pay medical expenses very first. During the process of subrogation the health insurance provider will contact the auto insurance provider and negotiate who should pay the bills. See https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Subrogation for extra information.

Why there health insurance cost so much?

Now this is a loaded question and a bit off target. Fundamentally health insurance cost so much because insurance companies (like all companies) need to make a profit after paying for claims and adminsitrations..
You can discuss the merits or evils of profit at length but it won’t address the question. Likewise what is a fair profit. Similarly how insurance companies control administrative costs can be questioned but agian, does not address the issue..
At the end of the day, the largest component of health insurance cost is health care costs. So let me take a shot at that..
1. Lack of price transparency – What other poduct/service do you buy that you can not know the price before you buy it? A client of mine had two MRIs done. One cost $900 and the other $5000. When she called the insurance company they told her she could not get what the ‘network price’ was because that is confidential. She had to very first have the service then be told what the insurance company would pay and what she had to pay..
Two. Lack of preventative care – Many medical issues could cost far less if treated early instead of late. Preventative care has proven consistently to reduce the overall cost of care. Despite that, insurance companies often don’t want to cover that so people put off eyeing a doctor and everybody completes up paying more..
Three. Too much litigation – Many doctors and hospitals over test just to protect themselves against a lawsuit. That drives up the costs because every extra test cost money..
Four. Advertising – surprise! You see drug advertising all the time on TV. They do that because it drives up sales. Here is what happens. You are taking drug X for treatment. That drug is now generic and costs very little. The drug company comes out with fresh and improved drug X-Plus and extolls the virtue on TV. You go and ask your doctor about it. The doctor will absolutely give you the fresh drug even if he is coaxed that it is no better for you than the cheap drug. Why, because he does not want to be sued for not providing you the latest and greatest drug if something goes wrong. Industry studies say that the comeback on advertising dollars for drug companies is 400%!.
Those are the biggies!

How many have health insurance in US?

In the United States approximately Two/Trio of the population has health insurance. Only about 20% of those uninsured do not qualify for private insurance. Most states have formed Health Insurance Risk Pools that will insure these individuals. Te democrats keep telling us that health insurance is unattainable or not affordable. That is not true. Most people can afford health insurance the instead determine to buy that extra car or plasma television or weekend home. I agree with Mrs. Clinton’s proposal on some points. Health insurance should be made mandatory. In doing that they will have to force companies to take everyone that applies. It will switch the way people view their health. I think it will be as helpful as mandatory liability auto insurance. There are many sites a person can go and get competitive quotes for health insurance.

If you have insurance and you switch jobs to another state that might not have group insurance can you get insurance if you have a disabled child that has had large health expenses?

Its up to the insurance company as regulated by the state they are doing business in I believe. I have MS if I were to switch jobs and insurers I could very well be denied coverage.. IT happens all the time.. Another travisty of our free market system, and special interest groups! Response45 of our 50 states permit underwriting, meaning that your child will not be eligible for individual health insurance in those states. Group insurance is ensured issue, if you can find a job that offers it. The problem is that the employer wields the policy, and you are at the quirk of that employer. Medicare, Medicaid, and SCHIP should be government assisted options worth looking at. Donhttps://mtnhealthinsurance.com

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What are the largest health insurance companies in the US?

The following health insurance companies/managed care organizations are shown with their overall Fortune 500 ranking as a US company (2008):.
1. UnitedHealth Group – 25.
Two. WellPoint – 33.
Three. Aetna – 85.
Four. Humana – 98.
Five. Cigna – 141.
6. Health Net – 179.
7. Coventry Health Care – 266.
8. Amerigroup – 555.
9. Universal American – 669.
Ten. Centene – 685

Why is your car insurance so expensive?

because if you get in a wreck…your insurance has to pay for it and you have to pay alittle money to help them pay gor your accident. because if you get in a wreck…your insurance has to pay for it and you have to pay alittle money to help them pay gor your accident.

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What type of health insurance do us senators have?

They have federal insurance with several options to choose from similar to what people at the postal service have. It’s indeed good insurance and like I mentioned they have “options”.

Why is health insurance so expensive in the US?

Are health insurance premiums a business expense?

If you are paying them for your employees as part of their compensation package, yes, it is a business expense. If it is for yourself, no, it is not a business expense, but it is usually tax deductable under medical costs.

Is car insurance more expensive when using for business?

Typically Yes, this is because people who use their vehicle in the course of business present a higher risk than people who just drive to work and then drive home.

Why are clever cars so expensive in the US?

The reason brainy cars are so expensive is because not many people buy them. The car companies think that since they are fine for the environment people will buy them without thinking. Well, they’re wrong and they can’t make them so cheap or else people may commence to think they are bad cars because they aren’t worth a lot. But, if clever cars did begin selling better because they are cheaper, then car companies should stick to that strategy until it doesn’t work anymore. And, the environment will make positive progress. The real savings inbetween a subcompact and a super-small car is in fuel efficiency: in terms of materials cost, there’s maybe a 10% difference inbetween a Clever and a Fit/Jazz. This is reflected in the retail cost: this is not just a US thing as some manufacturers switch; there’s a similar price differential in Europe as well, where the Clever is a very good seller. The difference is that fuel prices are subsantially (like two times) higher in Europe as in America. at $6/gallon, the difference inbetween Fit/Jazz’s 35mpg and Brainy’s 50mpg becomes more significant than baseline sticker price. Because of the basic safety and mechanical requirements of a legally driveable fresh car, which while different from country to country, are similar across the industrialized world, there is a floor cost below which cars cannot go. Some efficiencies of scale are possible of course, and there are challenges bringing a microcar into the US, which have to be retooled to meet US safety standards. But the basic problem is, once you treatment that floor, you need to be contesting on non-sticker costs… like fuel.

Why is health care so expensive?

Working in the health care field, I can tell you that it is abhorrent at the amount of money demanded by nurses, doctors, insurance companies and the company goes of hospitals. I see no reason for it to be as high as it is other than the sure greed of the above mentioned individuals.

Why is title insurance so expensive?

Actually, considering that proprietor’s policies provide a lifetime of coverage (in terms of defense of title), title insurance is relatively inexpensive. Of course, I don’t know what State you are in, and the rates do vary from State to State. Some States’ rates are regulated and set by statute, while other States permit agents and customers to negotiate the final rate.

When did health insurance expenses become tax deductible for businesses in the US?

It was an officially recognized practice beginning in 1943 during the War effort. Companies were finding it difficult to attract enough workers because of the limitations on wages imposed on them by the government. The companies began suggesting to pay health insurance expenses for their employees as a way to attract more employees since they couldn’t increase their wages. In 1943 the IRS recognized this. In 1954 Congress codified this practice into the tax code..
Portions of contributions that may be more more of a discussion or opinion in nature have been moved to the discussion page.

I am a Canadian who purchased American health insurance to visit the US but insurance won’t pay for the appendectomy I had while traveling and I don’t have the money so what do I do?

You could most likely just not pay it.. I doubt debt collectors would find you in Canada but I don’t know.

Why are Americans so afraid of health care reform doesn’t everyone realize that health care is managed by insurance companies who make billions of dollars at our expense?

Actual, 48% of health care spending in the US is managed by the Federal and State Governments. Which is ironic since the main argument against health reform is fear of government involvement and when you include government tax cracks for businesses who suggest health insurance the Government spends more then 1.6 Trillion (slightly more then half) of all health care spending in the country..
They also must not be aware that the current violated system permits the death of 45, 000 Americans a year due to lack of insurance. Reform is needed to prevent these deaths reported as one every twelve minutes linked directly to the lack of coverage by a latest Harvard examine (see link below).

How many us citizen do not have health insurance?

According to the Kaiser Foundation in 2009 of 303.Trio Million people in the U.S, 17% are Uninsured. Of those insured 49% are insured through their employer, 5% through Private individual plans, 17% are on Medicaid or other Public Assistance, 12 % are on Medicare. According to instructors at Warner Pacific, a Brokerage that educates insurance Agents with their “School for Success” …Prior to the PPACA (Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act) … .
33% of uninsured Americans were reportedly eligible for a Public Program .
31% Made enough money to purchase coverage .
13% Brief Term Uninsured = (9 Months or less) .
23% Uninsurable and or could not afford coverageSimilar #’s are true in California, but about 6.7 million of the publc were uninsured.

What is the number of health insurance companies in the US?

I believe it’s over 300 or over 3000… If the government would permit interstate commerce laws apply to insurance companies, then that would force free market competition, therefore forcing these companies to lower all premiums.

ArcelorMittal US Inc health insurance?

i am retired from arcelor mittal steel co. i was a salary employee supervisor who retired in july of 2002. will i still be covered by arcelor mittal co. and will they be penalize for pulling down me when i turn 62 years of age.

How would you make health insurance less expensive?

Private Opinion Only: I believe that the only way to make health insurance less expensive is to make the health insurance carriers non-profit. Using the model that Germany implemented, and a number of other countries, they’re making it work. They also had a similar system to the US before they made this switch and it was argued that insurance carriers would go out of business, they didn’t; it was argued that there would be no competition inbetween companies, that didn’t happen, they rival with customer services; it was argued that the insurance companies would never be able to accomplish the purpose of affordable coverage, they did. There will always be problems with any system because it is run by people but at least other countries are way ahead of the US in this. I do however, believe that there is far too much partisanship and posturing going on in Washington over this issue to truly bring about a workable solution.

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Why is health so significant to us?

The state of being “healthy” is significant because “health” is significant to life and to living. Without one’s health, a person may fight to simply do activities of daily living (ADLs), like eating, brushing teeth, bathing/showering, washing hair, pruning, etc. Being “healthy” permits us to have the energy and stamina to pursue hobbies, physical activities, education, etc.

Why is health insurance so expensive in the US?

Why is car insurance for youthfull drivers so expensive?

Car insurance is more expensive for junior drivers due to the fact that their lack of driving practice makes them a higher risk. Insurance companies charge based on a number of factors that contribute to your overall risk as a customer.

Is catastrophic health insurance expensive?

The cost of catastrophic health insurance will vary according to your risk factors (for example, if you smoke, drink powerfully, use drugs, or have a family history of cancer or other serious illnesses), your credit rating (in some states), geographic location, and family history.

Why is private health care so expensive in the United States?

Health care in the United States is separated from the public and private sectors and the private sectors are not as tightly regulated by the government. Private health care claims to provide a specialized treatment so tend to charge very more than the public sector.

How expensive is makeshift health insurance?

Improvised health insurance cost is figured by main different factors. The company you go through, the state or even your city, age, number of dependents,deductible, duration, duration of coverage, and frequency of your payments to them may all be factors in your expense for coverage. Contact your car or home insurance company to see if they do health some time you can save by bundleing.

Can legal expenses insurance be used by a solicitor of your choice?

Read the policy contract you have with the insurance company. Unless the policy states that you must use, or choose from, attornies of their choosing, you may.

What is HSA Health insurance used for?

HSA Health insurance is a type of medicare that has both brief and long term plans. Most elderly people have these plans to ensure that there family is financially secure.

Is health care insurance mandatory in the US?

“As of this moment no health care insurance is mandatory in the United States. Albeit the government is attempting to switch that, but it’s doubtful that it will be a law that will be gravely inforced.”

Can I have the option to not use my health insurance?

Yes, you can ask the care provider to bill you and not your health insurance. You will very likely have to go to excellent effort to do this, as all of their systems are geared to bill the insurer. If you want to make sure that the insurer does not get the bill (which would have your diagnosis and treatment also), your safest treatment is to withhold your plan ID number. The health insurer cannot use information about your health to sell you things, nor can they give your health data to someone else. They can use it only to pay your bills and run the health plan. If they want to use it for any other purpose, they have to get your written permission. There is always the slight chance that the health insurer’s system will get hacked, but to forego your health insurance benefit seems like an expensive way to protect your privacy. For more plain and elementary answers to health insurance questions, visit Health Unsurance blog in the related links below.

Is health insurance an example of a immobile expense?

Only if the policy goes unchanged and the amount goes unchanged for the period of time that you’re assessing the motionless expense for. A immobile expense is an amount that is payable, and that is the same amount each period. So if your health insurance policy is always $25 per week, than yes. But you must take into account that sometimes insurance companies increase rates, or your health insurance needs switch as you get older, have a fucking partner, have kids etc. I would only ever consider it a brief term stationary expense. In business a immobile expense is generally that of overheads, such as rent etc.

Can a health insurance take your settlement if there are going to be medical expenses for a lifetime in Connecticut?

Yes. The health insuror’s subrogation rights entitle them to 100% reimbursement of all medical expenses. However, unless your attorney is totally incompetent, she will include the health insuror in the settlement negotiations and fix their payment in the deal.

What percent of health insurance premiums can business deduct as business expense?

about 10-20% because of the off and on differences the health has. the 401(k) would most likely benefit from this.

Why are health insurance policies for individuals so expensive?

There are many reasons that Health Insurance is so expensive. Some reasons are the cost of prescription medicines are high, and also the Health Insurance companies need to make a profit as well.

Why is health insurance so expensive in the US?

How expensive is it to insure a used pontoon houseboat?

In comparison to most other boats on the market that are used for both fishing and boating, insuring the Pontoon houseboat is much cheaper, ranging from around $150 – $300.

What is the usefulness of the HIE or Health Insurance Exchange?

The usefulness of the HIE or Health Insurance Exchange is that it helps insurers to conform with consumer insurance protection, to create competition that will help make it possible to have a cost effective insurance. It also promote the way insurance is extended to many people in America.

What are some reasons that private medical health insurance is so expensive?

Healthcare AFTER Obamacare is expensive, because of the fresh regulations and taxes it imposes.Before Obamacare, private healthcare was only expensive because doctors would buy malpractice suits, because 7% of doctors were responsible for malpractice.Issue tort reform, get rid of Obama care, BOOM. Private prices drop to where they belong.

What is Medicare health insurance used for?

Medicare health insurance is used to cover the health care costs for American individuals over the age of 65. Medicare is a topic of discussion during almost every political debate.

Where can an individual purchase health insurance in the US?

An individual can purchase health insurance from many different companies in the United States. These companies include Blue Cross, Blue Shield, Anthem Blue Cross, Kaiser Permanente, and many more.

How do you weave student health fee of school Since it’s so expensive?

To find out if a school will waive a health fee you will need to call and speak to someone in the accounting department. If the fees are to expensive and you are low income they may waive the fees.

What are some health insurance carriers in the US?

The term health insurance is commonly used in the United States to describe any program that helps pay for medical expenses, whether through privately purchased insurance, social insurance or social welfare program funded by the government.

What companies suggest health insurance in the US?

There are various companies in the United States that suggest health insurance. Some of these include; Benicorp, Aetna, CHIP, AXA, Medicaid and Medicare.

What is a popular health insurance program in the US?

The term health insurance is commonly used in the United States to describe any program that help pay for medical expenses, whether through privately purchased insurance, social insurance or a social welfare program funded by the government.

Why is insurance so expensive for teenage drivers?

Insurance is expensive for teenage drivers for a number of reasons. The number one reason being that they are very irresponsible and don’t necessarily go after all the rules at all times. Other reasons include their phone, distractions, and drinking and driving.

What is brief term health insurance used for?

This type of insurance coverage is used for people who believe they only need this coverage for a brief period of time. Some people do not want to sign up for a long term health insurance plan.

What type of health insurance is used in Canada?

Publicly funded health care is the type of Health insurance in Canada. Most critical condition and basic needs are free for every resident and citizen of Canada.

Can you claim dental expenses on your health insurance policy?

Before claiming for dental expenses check with your healthinsurance plan whether dental treatment are included or not if itcovers then you can claim it or else you can buy separate, stand -alone dental plan for your dental covers.

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