Why is clowning so successful with youthful people?

Why is clowning so successful with youthful people?I think it’s because clowns are supposed to be funny because of the tricks and stuff they do and youthful children’s minds are more pliable when it comes to humour and stuff. However, I’m 14 and since I was six I’ve been panicked of clowns and I know I’m not the only one who. Hope that’s helped 🙂

Why is it that so many people fall in love at a youthfull age and get married youthfull?

%DETAILS% Sometimes it is due to a veritable love and long, committed relationship, but not always: —societal portrayal of love/marriage as these big rush of emotions “love conquers all”. –marriage as a glue to cememt a relationship. –marriage due to a pregnancy, to make things seem “respectable” –dreams of the flawless wedding, but no realistic notion of a working marriage. –marriage as a way to establish maturity “I’m an adult because I am married”. Marriage as a way to get out of a current living situation. —the perception that everyone else is in love, everyone is getting married, people do not want to be left out of the practice. —the idea that there is a certain age or time (after high school or college graduation) when you should “lodge down” and get married and have kids. To a junior person, they are less involved with the garbage and lessons life trains one through time. They are far more hopeful and such.

Why are so many youthfull people dissatisfied with their bod photo?

The response to that question is a matter of opinion since there are no hard *facts* with which to response it, but it is my opinion that it is because of the attention given to “lean” celebrities. The media permanently glamorizes the pic of being overly skinny and makes it emerge as if a person has no worth if they don’t meet the standards of Hollywood and the style industry. This is a very shallow, mindless and unrealistic attitude. Unluckily, many people of all ages permit themselves to be taken in by that idea. But for youthfull people it is especially difficult because they already are worried about bod photo. This is a normal stage of adolescence. Inbetween the ages of approximately Ten and Eighteen one’s assets undergoes many switches. Adolescents normally feel self-conscious about the way they look to begin with, so if you add the nonsense that is shoved on them by the media every day, from every direction, then they are roped to feel dissatisfied unless they are “flawless”. And guess what? Even the most so-called ideal person harbors dissatisfactions within themselves about how they look. It’s human nature to think someone else has something better and the media feeds on our insecurities to sell their products. We are reminded daily by the media that in order to “be blessed”, one must be skinny, rich, fascinating, and flawless. This is a wish world that has no basis in reality.

Why do so many people have a fear of clowns?

Observe the movie “IT”. That’s all I have to say. So Many* do not! The film IT (that gratefully I have not seen!) no-doubt is evil horror aimed at the over 18s. Nice clean slapstick clowning as produced by good clowns with make up and others out of make up like Charlie Chaplin, Harpo Marx and Stan Laurell is childish humour aimed at the age of eight years that adults may appreciate too. It is called universal entertainment. Only petite minded persons would see any other than plain humour.

How many people have a fear of clowns?

Being a professional circus clown I think this is a very good question and I would like to know what the precise reaction is. In my practice the total number must be very petite – just a part of one per cent perhaps but what does the question mean? Fear or frightened of the appearance? Some clowns are grotesque and unnecessarily panicking especially for petite children (rather sick) but if it means ‘phobic’ then it must be petite. Oh I like to call that clown fobia and come on what kind of question is that? I mean everone is afraid of at least one thing!

Why do so many youthful people risk their lives in sports like rock climbing?

There are many, many reasons why people do dangerous things. Interestingly, one of the main reasonsyouthfullpeople do risky things is because from about age 13 or so until about age 25 (like when your car insurance goes down) people are undergoing a period of growth in the part of the brain that controls risk avoidance and judgement..

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What this means is their capability to correctly assess the danger of an act (like rock climbing) is not working decently. Most people get through this stage of human development with the help of their parents and older relatives..
On top of this, youthfull people have lots of energy, so they are always looking for something to do. Add that to the fact that fresh adventures are the most joy, so you have people who are less able to judge the risk of what they want to do, plus the desire to get out and do something plus the desire to do something fresh and different and you have your response.

Why are clowns so evil?

Clowns are only considered evil because of films like IT. It is strange how this one movie has effected the perception of a once favoured kids entertainer. Because of this movie one can undoubtedly see why so many people picked up on the “evil” aspect. I do not believe that ANY history shows clowns as evil before the Steven King hit movie.

Why are heroes and heroines so significant in the lives of youthful people?

Heroes and Heroines are very significant in not just youthful peoples lives. We all need some one to look up for. Some one that can display us the best in Human kind and its greatnesses. And some one like that can encourage us to achieve this greatness. That is so true. Now more than ever we need individuals to detect their hero potential within and take their heroes journey as described by Joseph Campbell in his book “Hero with a Thousand Faces.”

Why are people funked of clowns?

some people have them as nightmares and some people are elergec to the make up that the were

Why do so many people observe family dude even youthful ages?

The comic style of Family Man appeals to politically active and socially connected adults, and the slap-stick visual humor of a junior audience.

Why do so many youthful people not fulfill their responsibility to vote?

Another reason junior people don’t vote because there graduating from high school and, collage, and they are just commencing a job, so they don’t have enough time to vote.

How do clown triggerfish raise their youthful?

The masculines will witness over a what they consider their territory.They do this to protect the females and their youthful.

Why is J.K Rowling so successful?

It is primarily the idea of Harry Potter. It is a well thought out plot, and there is no telling what books will be a success and what books will hardly sell. Many publishers turned JK away before Bloomsbury accepted her. Her style of writing is also very good too.

Why is clowning so successful with youthful people?

Do you people think that earth and Venus were youthfull sisters if so why?

it is because as it is said that once venus too had life when earth was a fire ball. but it has notbeen proved still research is going on.

How many people are in the Insane Clown Posse?

The group comprises Joseph Bruce and Joseph Utsler, who perform under the respective personas of the murderous, wicked clowns Violent J and Shaggy Two Dope.

Why do some people die so youthful?

It depends, like could you be more detailed? There is ilike a million answers to y ppl die youthful.

Why is it so difficult for youthful people to go into farming?

Increasingly, the children of farmers do not take up farming butseek other opportunities in other occupations.

Why do people dislike the Insane clown posse?

The reason is because scarcely anyone gets the message of their music. Plus hardly anyone listens to them.

How successful was the nazi party in controlling youthful people?

Hitler switched the minds of many youthful people in Germany inbetween 1933 and 1945 by using many methods, the two most commonly used methods were; propaganda and terror. Propaganda was the method used on youthful people for Hitler believed he could re-arrange their minds this way. Some of the propaganda methods used included, switching the school curriculum so that it placed special emphasis on the subjects they considered suitable in producing “ideal Nazis.” For example, history was used to display how successful the Nazis had been, biology was to explain Nazi racial beliefs, geography emphasised the harshness of the treaty of Versailles, physics was used to train children about weapon making and physical education was trebled to make youth more agile and disciplined to make them more capable soldiers for the future!

Why are there so many HIV positive youthful people in South Africa?

They are not well informed on the subject. A lot of misinformation circulates in South Africa.

Why are chinese people so successful?

very first,have a good private education,2nd,do something hard working and careful,third,treat something cautiously,fourth,have a changable mind.

Why did people get married so youthfull back in ancient times?

I think it might have been because they didn’t have as long of life expectancy as we do today, and so what we think was youthful, they might have thought was old enough to get married.

Why were the Nazis so successful?

The NSDAP was notoriously efficient, in that all of Germany had some participation in the policies of the Third Reich (not necessarily involving in the “Final Solution”). The Wehrmacht of Germany had also become a force that was known to be strong on the battlefield and helped aid Nazi Germany in taking over. With the often debated term “blitzkrieg”, the German army swept through many countries and secured a strong foothold for the Third Reich to install its policies. And away from the battleground, the SS and Gestapo dealt with internal and outer matters of arresting, deportation, extermination etc. This coupled with many other factors (such as the recovery of WWI for many other nations) made the Nazis very successful for the very first years of WWII. It should also be noted that the Nazi Party was successful because of the role of the citizens of Germany at the time. Without the mass support from Germany, the NSDAP would not have been given the petite power they held before the Enabling Act and the continuing support once they achieved finish control. The Nazi’s were successful in Germany for several reasons. The German economy situation was bad before the group came into control over the government. The current situation in general was bleak, with many of the buildings in Germany ruined. Also, the Nazi’s put the blame for what has happened after WW1 on the Jewish people, providing a scapegoat for people of Germany to blame.

Why has india become so successful?

Due to outsourcing and its links with other countries. Outsourcing means to send part of your company overseas. Many call centres now locate in India

Why was Hitler army so successful?

Hitler’s Army was successful for a number of reasons. Some of these would be: .
It had well trained and experienced officers. Russia had crippled her army through Stalin’s purges; France had Very first World War leadership and so did the UK. The USA had zero practice having only played a miniscule part in the Very first World War, and didn’t build up any until Germany were losing. .
They were the very first nation to realise the advantages of a mechanised army. The school of thought at that period was to use horses for transport and armoured vehicles as infantry support. The Grind army used cavalry tactics that had already been proved outdated during the Excellent War. A German general named Heinz Guderian had recently written a thesis that inspired the next point; .
They used “Blitzkrieg” tactics (lighting war). They would very first bombard an area with artillery, then send over aircraft to bomb the target with tanks following shortly after to batter defenses and enemy tanks. Ultimately the infantry would be brought in on half tracks and trucks to clean up what was left and round up the prisoners. .
Discipline was good within the Wehrmacht – morale was high as they continued to win. This was to be the very first thing to abandon them once they commenced to lose at Stalingrad in 1943. .
Ideology and motivation. They truly believed they were taking vengeance for mistreatment at the forearms of France at the Treaty of Versailles. They also blamed Jews for betraying them and for prospering while ordinary German people were going through the worst depression ever seen in Northern Europe, suffering hyper inflation that meant that what had been enough to buy a loaf of bread the day before was worthless once they came to spend it. .
Geography. This was to Germany’s benefit originally as it was difficult for Britain to use her greatest weapon, the Royal Navy, as the war began in the east (Poland). France shares an Eastern Border with Germany on which it determined to build the defunct Maginot Line, a series of defensive forts. France shares a northern border with Belgium who were an ally. So as not to offend the Maginot line was not extended along this border, and no troops were placed there either. This proved a costly mistake because once Hitler had invaded the low countries to the north there was nothing to stop the German army from marching into France. Similarly, when attacking Russia a little later geography played it’s part. Russia (Soviet Union) had along her western border the Ukraine (also at that time a part of the Union). The vast open plains of the Ukraine were not suited to a defensive war and Germany used this to her advantage. This is not the most comprehensive response but it should go some way to helping. If you truly want to know why Germany had it so good for so long I recommend studying! Kind regardsR Lawson

Why do people die so youthfull?

It is an inescapable fact that every living thing dies eventually. We seldom even have control over when and how we die. Accidents, disease, and war are largely beyond the capability of the individual to control. Unluckily, this means that some portion of people end up dying at a youthful age. Some religions believe that the amount of time that people have to live is preordained, and therefore it is significant to be ready to “meet your maker” at any given time.

Why is clowning so successful with youthful people?

Why were the Romans so successful in battle?

The Romans were successful in battle because of their superior training. This training now only encompassed the physical aspects of battle and its formations, but they were also trained in the spirit of war, such as believing they could not lose. Before a battle their legate or general would give a pep talk extolling the superiority of the Romans over the “wimps” they were going to fight. They also had the high tech weapons of their time. This was a formula for success for centuries.

What did Marie curie do that is so successful?

she was sucsessful for radioactivity. poloion, and for getting noble prizes and known and famouse for chemistry.

What kind of people like clowns?

The kind of people that are about Five! Well, basically the people that aren’t panicked of them and aren’t old enough to realize that clowns are stupid. I’m not to crazy about clowns myself, but I bet I was when I was petite!

Why are youthful people so fascinated about vampires these days or is it just the fiction part they like?

We like these movies becasue they are AWESOME and people just naturally love vampires. Like in the Twilight SagaMore information: Since Bram Stoker wrote the very first novel about Dracula in 1897, people have been fascinated with vampires because Stoker used the vampire as a very slightly veiled allusion to barred lovemaking. People do not love the idea of a monster who crawls out of a tomb to drink their blood. But people get very excited indeed with the idea of a darkly spectacular mysterious and vaguely menacing noble who can slip undetected into a lady’s bed and sate his wicked delights on her assets, then lure her to a dark, ever-lasting future of prohibited eagerness. ———————————- there are alot of people who genuinely love vampires, fictions, monsters, Bram strokers novel , ect. however the majority of people these days don’t give a crap ( sorry for the language) about vampire, just the twilight saga.

Why do youthful people attract so much critical attention?

Because youthfull people are still learning, and adults feel an obligation to guide them even when they don’t want to be guided. Also, older people are more set in their ways, and thus more likely to be critical of anyone who deviates from what they consider decent behavior — which, inevitably, includes anyone much junior than them.

Why are people so afraid of clowns?

Well as a little kid a clown looked very intimidating to me because, they wore a lot of bright make up big hair and big boots and they always were acting weird but, thats why i was afraid of them maybe it is the same for others to.

Why do so many youthful people make joy of others?

If you are referring to children inbetween the ages of 6-17, many kids feel the need to be raunchy and able to stand up for themselves. This is why children tend to make joy of others, to display they are not feeble nor defenseless, to showcase they have some sort of power.

Why is isi so successful in Pakistan?

because they are very intelligent .they are very stuipts .they have no humanity in their hearts.they have no religion. .

Why are youthfull people in Canada so interested in politics?

They are not. In fact, several Elections Canada studies have exposed youth to be amazingly uninterested in politics.

Why are youthfull people in Canada so uninterested in politics?

Politics is a very boring topic to a lot of people, both youthful and old. I’m not a youthfull person and I still find politics enormously boring. It’s hard to be interested in something that can’t hold your attention longer than a few seconds.

Why were the invaders huns so successful?

The Huns successfully invaded the Roman Empire because they had better weapons. The Huns used brief composite recurve bows. They would attack on horseback using powerful brief distance bows. They would break into puny groups and shred the opposing armies by coming from all directions. They fought with swords at close quarters. They did not rely on just one weapon.

Why were the Arabs so successful?

The arabs are sucessful because they discovered oil and they used the oil toprotect their country?I guess.

Why is clowning so successful with youthful people?

Why is Porsche 911 so successful?

Porsche is so successful because of their unique design byFerdinand Porsche, 1. Rear engine boasts optimum grip while accelerating Two. Rear engine makes the front of the car so light that it isalmost close to flawless while steering, nimbleness & balance isimpeccable. Three. The form is very aerodynamic, for example the newest 911carrera has only 0.28 haul coefficient. Four. 50 years of improvement.

Why is Tyler Perry so successful?

Because he is from the deep south as myself. Ruston ,La. He had a hard time in child bondage mask as I have and HE KNOW HOW TO Get through, KEEPING THE POWERFUL THOUGHTS, THAT HE DID NOT FOR GOT WHERE HE CAME FROM AND HIS ROOTS. He appreciates himself very first of all ,then he has a good heart as well,he believe in God very first and most of all.Tyler stays positive and will take care of himself very first.Most of all he is in his black people cultural all the way. and still give respect to all people. of all color all over the world. He is the gensus of his work and a helll of a writer.Every thing commence with in him he kept pushing forward and setting his goals to reach the stage he is at now.with the beautiful people he works with….because he believe in self and he thanks God every day.It is good to write down things happen to you in survining and the old school is nothing but survial….. that is why he is, succuessful…. keep up the good works tyler… from your home doll gail………[email protected]….out oF RUSTON ,LA.

Why did Hitler and the Nazis put so much effort into organizing lives of youthful people?

Youthfull people are the future. If you control the children of a population, you control the future of said population. This was Hitler’s hypothesis, so he spent so much time indoctrinating the youth in order to make sure there would be no rebillion in future and that they would carry out his wishes without argument or discussion. Hitler was, indeed, a paranoid intellectual.

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Why do youthful people care so much about style?

It’s a part of their generation. Style style switches through out the years, every generation’s style is different.

How do you wish youthful duo for there success?

You could make a personalized speech, describing an event from the duo’s junior years and organizing your points about “living a successful life”. Or you could make a quick toast, telling, “I wish you all the success and happiness the world has to suggest.”

Why do people in Kenya die so youthful?

This is because of diseases, lack of money(food and water). It is a fatter chance of death for poor people because of these reasons. Sorry, I didn’t have alot..

Why do so many youthful people kill themselves?

Despair is perhaps the number one reason for suicide, that is the”no other way out” perspective. The 2nd is perhaps what can bedescribed the “no end in look” point of view. Life can take onlyso much anguish. This threshold is different for every person. Combinethat with the lesser practice of youth, the pressure to succeed,heightened media presence and biased coverage in lieu ofresponsible reporting, and the enlargening gap in interpersonalrelationships, and a ideal storm develops. Truthfully, the rate of suicide hasn’t enhanced as much asheightened reporting might make it emerge. In latest years, the DODreported that suicide rates among veterans is about 30 per 100,000.This is not a fresh statistic, and is slightly lower than what Itracked for III Corp in the 1980’s. It is significant to note thatthe veterans tracked are typically those DEROSed within one year,those in the age range of 20-26 predominantly.

Why is it that so many youthfull people kill themselves from Bullying or Cyber-Bullying?

Because some kids can’t treat the pressure of being bullied so it gets into their head and makes them feel unwanted and unneeded.

Why so many youthfull people addicted in social networking sites?

Kids are so addicted to social networking sites because of depression, skill about it, compulsion, loneliness and social disorder. They’re spending time with it because it will give them happiness.

Why do people love watching a clown?

People love watching a clown because they suggest an escape from everyday life. Their voice, costume, makeup and mannerisms help to relieve stress and renew our spirits.

Why do some people have a phobia of clowns?

Coulrophobia is a serious fear and should not be played with.Messing with peoples fears can cause them to have anxiety attacksor worse heart attacks. Fears come from traumatizing things thathave happened in a person life.

What make people that hit adverity so successful?

Sometimes, people get too complacent when they feel “safe” and stopdeveloping their abilities and talents. People who strike adversity areso successfully because they go after the key of acceptance and tryand see adversity as a positive thing.

Why did people die so youthful in the 13th and 14th century?

One reason that there were low life expectancies in the 13th and 14th centuries was the lack of decent medical care. People died from diseases that had no known cure. The discovery of bacteria that causes diseases was unknown. And surgeries in those times were dangerous, as the need for “cleanliness” was unknown. Still, of course, many people lived long lives. They were the exceptions however.

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